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These three words embody what I most enjoy. As an artist I enjoy playing with ideas and seeing where they lead.


I enjoy creating art and capturing an idea on paper or digitally. It is the pinnacle of inspiration, although sometimes it feels like the pinnacle of percolation and persperation. 


A thin line separates the artist and programmer, both can be driven, both will be focused to the point of oblivion, and both live and breathe their craft. The amazing feeling of seeing a program run the first time is unexplainable, it validates the time, effort, and energy spent in development.


Building, modeling, and making to me analogous words that encompass building a computer from parts, modeling a stand up desktop out of cardboard, or making a miniture skull's eyes glow red with LEDs.



Vynil Graphics and Branding Too

Cutting vynil graphics blends creating and building. The skills involved require patience, focus, creativity, an excellent eye for detail, and a steady hand. This work is tedious....they pay off though was always incredible. The glint in the customer's eye as they see the results for the first time, the stress melts away until the next job.

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