Web Work

Most of my web development work was done behind a company firewall. Building online stores for Web.com, maintaining content for JPMorgan Chase, or creating a knowledge base for Customer Service. The below examples of work come from projects with less restrictions.

Vinyl Graphics

Below are examples of stickers and vehichle graphics. I don't always work alone, some of these project were done in collaboration with some great people, and of course, the customer came first in every project.

Pen & Ink

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes, below are examples ripped straight from the artist's sketch books. On display are my style and creativity, in some you will find hidden pictures. 

Digital Art

This is the stuff I went to school for, well, not directly, so let's say here are examples of work I have done since gaining the skills to create art digitally. I have thrown in some mixed media pieces as well.

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